Flexible Printed Circuits

There’s more to those plastic-like cables you have on your devices than meets the eye. FPC connectors can be categorized with flexible electronics or flex circuits. FPC connectors are a kind of technology used in the assembling of various electronic circuits; this is done by placing electronic devices on top of flexible plastic substrates, the most common of which are PEEK or transparent conductive polyester film or polyimide. FR02-BNot only that but these connectors can also silver circuits screen printed on top of polyester. Sure they are manufactured with the use of similar components which are found on rigid printed circuit boards.

Manufacturing of FPC Connectors

FPCs or Flexible Printed Circuits are made with photo lithographic technology. There’s an alternative ways of manufacturing them by laminating an extremely think copper strip; these are so thin that they only measure about 0.07 mm and are combined in between to strips or PET. The PET layers are only 0.05 mm thick, but they are also coated with thermo setting adhesive, it basically gets activated during the process of lamination.images

FPC Connector Materials

                Each and every element found in the flex circuit constructions needs to constantly meet the demands expected from it for the entirety of its useful life. Aside from that, the materials making up the FPC connector needs to be able to reliably work alongside other components of the flexible circuit construction in order to ensure the reliability as well as ease in the entire manufacturing process.

For a simple little strip of cable, which mostly looks like a plastic strip, tons of specifications are followed from choosing the materials to the process and all the way up to testing and packaging. Standards and specifications are set by the Association Connecting Electronic Industries and they’re basically applied all across the board.