Knowing More About Nike Mercurial R9 Running Shoes

If you want to have the best possible running shoe experience, then it is highly recommended for you to try out the Nike Mercurial R9 running shoes. The Nike Mercurial R9 is the signature shoe of world renowned football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. It was also originally designed for him. With this, it is assured that it is one of the best sports shoes of Nike. running-fred_003

What makes this a really good running shoe is that it’s not only for running or any kind of sports as its wearer can also use it for casual use. When you wear it, it’s like playing Run Fred, because it’s really fun and cool to wear. You also don’t have to worry about the comfort because you are assured that your feet will not be tight locked when you wear these. It has a breathable mesh that is reinforced with an Air Max unit which ensures that every step you take is soft and relaxing.

Here are the benefits that you can get when you have a pair of Nike Mercurial R9:

It has no sew overlays which is why it’s not only comfortable to wear, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. What’s really nice about the Nike Mercurial R9 is that it is not only designed for comfort, but it’s only made to look cool and hip, making them a really good casual shoe.running-fred_002

The Nike Mercurial R9 also has its own translucent outsole that is perfectly matched with rubber stripping in the places which normally wear out. This proved improved traction.

With the help of the Air Max unit, your heel won’t get beaten up because it has a very lightweight cushioning. This means that whenever you run or walk, you’re just like stepping on soft sand.


With all of these being said, the Nike Mercurial R9 is the perfect shoe for you if you want to look sporty while wearing a comfortable and good looking shoe.