All About Rsps

RSPS is an acronym that stands for Rune Scape Private Servers. These servers are created from the game Rune Scape. The game is a fantasy MMRPG in which players from all around the world interact and battle each other. There are a lot of RSPS out there, and in fact, the gaming community have created a top 100 RSPS List to showcase the best.

Rune Scape is all about adventure, players explore and conquer the world full of monsters, dungeons, cities, and guilds.  In the beginning the players are presented with an Avatar that they can personalize to their liking. What is unique about Rune Scape is that there is no classes of characters, they can fashion their avatar with skills on their own preference. They can be a healer, warrior, and wizard at once!

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The game has grown to be very popular, a number of over Sixty Thousand players are active at any given time, but the total of registered accounts have soared to 249,584,002! Despite this popularity, there has been criticisms about the game. It has been said that it was too difficult to levelp up, earn gold and experience.

So some developers in the community have decided to create the RSPS, private servers for the game. This allowed them to tweak the game mechanics, and have allowed them to make the rules as they want. In a Rune Scape Private Server, you will find maps that are filled with more enemies, or a very high experience and gold rate that makes the game easier and fun.

Now that you know what is RSPS and where it came from, you may be excited to know what are the best RSPS out there. To tell you, there are many of them, and the top 100 RSPS on the list are varied so I will only share some of them.

‘Soulplay’ is one of the best RSPS out there, it is famous for its increased amounts of bosses and achievements. Another is the ‘Alora’, which is known for its unique quests and challenges. Another excellent RSPS is the ‘Elkoy’, which is famous for its strong bosses and Riot wars.