An Overview Of Iphone Insurance

In the list of most expensive smart phones sold, Iphone comes on the top of the list. It’s the most popular smartphone and are highly demanded in the market. Apple Iphone became widely popular in last few year as people found its operating system more efficient and its superior quality above other phones in the market. The biggest competitor of Apple Iphone is Anroid phone as it provides very big platform of App in Android market as compared to Apple store. But still people are going more crazy about Iphones. It’s over the top prices does not affect its demand. Apple provide software guarantee of one year and free replacement but it does not provide any indemnity from theft or accidents.


Because of its very high price and easy selling in market it tends to be stolen very easily for which owner have to bear a major loss. To minimize the burden of loss, Iphone insurance have emerged in market and have become very popular. The major benefit of Iphone insurance is that the owner does not have to pay the full price for the replacement of the phone. The owners have various options to choose from. The type of policy they want, the duration of policy, the coverage, etc.


Iphone insurance is generally high prices as the cost involved to be borne by insurance company is also high. But there are various options of small instalments. Inspite of so many benefits many people are not aware of it or does not want to invest money in it. Many times, the policy providers also don’t give timely replacement or does not pass the claim due to which policy holder have to face various problems. The cost of replacement of Iphone parts is very high and one is highly recommended to purchase a good insurance for more security.

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