Botox Training Centres In India

The misconception that Botox is only for celebrities and high profile people has been dispelled which has resulted in the mushrooming of many Botox training courses in India. With the advent of social media and the pressure to look good at all times, anti-aging treatments and formulas are perpetually in demand and Botox is one of the premier treatments for that purpose.

The Attraction

Apart from removing wrinkles, Botox is also used medically for a wide array of purposes. Botox is also used for dental procedures. The easy availability and relative low cost make it a very popular choice amongst people from all sections and across all age groups. The additional advantage that it only takes a few minutes as opposed to a few hours using other beauty treatments is also very alluring. The effects of Botox remain for about six months; hence the need to revisit treatment centres frequently is also removed. For this reason, there are many Botox clinics that offer specialised services and courses that provide training.

Courses in India


There are numerous Botox courses offered in many institutes across the country. There are specialised courses for dental, medical and cosmetic treatments. Most institutes also conduct workshops and boot camps of two to three days duration to attract more people. Some institutes also offer expert training in setting up and running dedicated Botox spas or incorporating these spas in your existing practice.

The courses range from certification courses to diploma and degree courses. The institutes offer hands on training as part of the Botox training course and the faculty comprises of Botox experts. Some institutes are also affiliated to foreign agencies and accredited by medical boards abroad, thus providing employment opportunities abroad as well.Courses are offered not only for doctors, but for nurses and paramedical staff as well.There are also training programs for advanced studies in Botox and many institutes offer refresher programs also. The training programs also cover subjects like Aesthetic Medicine.

The Scope


With Botox treatment costing only a few thousands for each sitting, it is becoming increasingly affordable and hence the scope for cosmetologists who offer Box treatment is ever increasing. Since this treatment can be applied on people of all ages, the number of people turning to Botox is very high. Many people who are still in their twenties and thirties also are attracted to Botox as it does not consume much time and the effect lasts for a few months, so it does not interfere with their professional commitments like some other beauty treatments might.

Botox treatment is applied for a wide range of medical purposes as well. Eye ailments like uncontrolled blinking and crossed eyes can be treated using Botox. Similarly medical practitioners treating muscle spasms, stiffness and movement employ Botox. Even people with headaches which result from frequent migraines are advised Botox treatment. Sometimes, when patients undergoing treatment for an overactive bladder suffer from side effects of other medication are often treated using Botox. However, the effects of Botox are short term and temporary and once it wears off, the symptoms of the malady return.

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