Card Games You Can Play

For those who love playing card games, you probably know that there are dozens of different card games you are able to play, may it be online or from a deck of cards. What’s great about playing cards is that you are able to play on your own, or you can play with family and friends. It’s a great way to spend time with them without the distraction of Internet or social media! Plus, you get to learn a lot of thinking and logical skills to utilize for school or work. Playing cards definitely has a ton of benefits that go beyond the usual fun and games! But what are the different card games you are able to play? We show you some of them!

Family Playing Cards Together

Family Playing Cards Together

Card Games You Can Play

These are unique card games you can play that go beyond the usual Solitaire! You can play these with your family or by yourself to enhance your thinking skills.

  1. Memory

You can play this to help with your memory, either with loved ones or alone. Simply place a chosen pair of cards (around 10 pairs) on the floor, and remember their positions. Put them face down, and start creating pairs. For groups, the one with the most pairs made wins.

  1. Monkey Monkey

This is a game for a group of people. Hide one card and distribute the rest. Make as much pairs as you can and with the remaining unpaired cards, make paired by getting cards from the players next to you. The player who has the missing pair (from the hidden card) is the loser, or the monkey.

  1. Slapjack

This game requires concentration and quick thinking! Distribute all the cards to a group of players, and as each player puts down a card, they count from ace, 2, 3, 4 up until King. If the card matches what they say, then they slap the floor. If the card shows a Jack, they still slap on the floor. The player who didn’t slap or slaps last is the loser and keeps all the cards. The winner is the one who runs out of cards first.6a00e55397a5c2883401a5113e3630970c

And these are just some of the games you are able to play! You can visit this web site to learn more about the different card games you can play. Or, you can even play card games online and reap the many benefits it has to offer!

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