Carrageenan And Its Usefulness

Who thought something particularly found in the North Atlantic Ocean will prove to be this useful to mankind. Well, researchers sure did, and they developed a compound from a particular variety of red algae which helps women stay away from health complications like cervical cancer, HIV and any other STDs. The compound is absolutely natural, and it has several powers which includes moisturizing. It has been used as a thickener and food additive for years, until researchers found its other amazing qualities. What is Carrageenan? It’s this particular compound that we have been focusing on for some time now.


Cervical cancer is very popular worldwide, especially in the United States. No wonder, the compound soon caught the attention of the entire world. Carrageenan was tested in test tubes and it was found that it destroys the capabilities of viruses which cause diseases like some STDs and cervical cancer. There have been several inhibitors previously, but none were this strong. As soon as news spread of its usefulness, funds started pouring in for extensive research on the development of this compound from reputed charitable organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Today, Carrageenan is also used in lubrication products so as to ensure sexual wellness of women using them. Several health professionals have over the time recommended the use of such lubricants as they have extensive health benefits in addition to help women get rid of vaginal dryness.


Instead of using lubricants which have harmful chemicals like silicone, parabens etc. one should definitely go for the carrageenan based ones. These lubricants also help women protect themselves from contacting any STDs, HIV or cervical cancer. This massive breakthrough in the field of medicine and women health is definitely going to go a long way to make sure that women all across the world are less affected by cervical cancer and can lead a healthy and beautiful life.

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