Card Games You Can Play

For those who love playing card games, you probably know that there are dozens of different card games you are able to play, may it be online or from a deck of cards. What’s great about playing cards is that you are able to play on your own, or you can play with family and friends. It’s a great way to spend time with them without the distraction of Internet or social media! Plus, you get to learn a lot of thinking and logical skills to utilize for school or work. Playing cards definitely has a ton of benefits that go beyond the usual fun and games! But what are the different card games you are able to play? We show you some of them!

Family Playing Cards Together

Family Playing Cards Together

Card Games You Can Play

These are unique card games you can play that go beyond the usual Solitaire! You can play these with your family or by yourself to enhance your thinking skills.

  1. Memory

You can play this to help with your memory, either with loved ones or alone. Simply place a chosen pair of cards (around 10 pairs) on the floor, and remember their positions. Put them face down, and start creating pairs. For groups, the one with the most pairs made wins.

  1. Monkey Monkey

This is a game for a group of people. Hide one card and distribute the rest. Make as much pairs as you can and with the remaining unpaired cards, make paired by getting cards from the players next to you. The player who has the missing pair (from the hidden card) is the loser, or the monkey.

  1. Slapjack

This game requires concentration and quick thinking! Distribute all the cards to a group of players, and as each player puts down a card, they count from ace, 2, 3, 4 up until King. If the card matches what they say, then they slap the floor. If the card shows a Jack, they still slap on the floor. The player who didn’t slap or slaps last is the loser and keeps all the cards. The winner is the one who runs out of cards first.6a00e55397a5c2883401a5113e3630970c

And these are just some of the games you are able to play! You can visit this web site to learn more about the different card games you can play. Or, you can even play card games online and reap the many benefits it has to offer!

Knowing How To Do The Dota 2 Mmr Boosting

Dota 2 is one of the best online games that you can play these days. Well, the truth is, there are already hundreds of thousands of gamers in the world who are enjoying this game every single day. When you are playing this game, you definitely want to make your MMR higher than anybody else. It is simply because when you have higher MMR, you can have full access of the amazing features of this game like moving to the higher levels. However, it is never easy to have  a great Dota 2 MMR. You need to play this game and win a hundred of times. If you want to have a higher Dota 2 MMR in no time, then you definitely need a Dota 2 MMR boosting service.


The big question is, how can you have this kind of service? Is it even possible to achieve excellent Dota 2 MMR without playing it many times with yourself and win the matches? Well, it is definitely possible. In case you are quite busy and you cannot afford to play Dota 2 as much as you want to in order to make your MMR higher, there is actually no need for you to worry. What you need to do is to find a person or a company that will help you boost your MMR.


The virtual world is wide enough, and you can definitely find someone who can help you with this thing. Just make sure that you are opting for a very reliable and honest one. You have to know that you will give your log in details to such person because he or she will be the one who will play Dota 2 using your account. Of course, such person should be expert enough in this game so that he or she can manage to win the Dota 2 matches many times for a better MMR.

Pokemon Go Apk

The release of the Niantic Labs’ Pokemon Go in USA had swept away everybody with excitement. After lashing the US, Australian and New Zealand’s markets with its popularity, Pokemon Go has driven the Asians crazy. The game was the quickest game to be at the top in Google Play and App Store and had beaten Clash Royale much behind. After Pokemon Go was released it was reported to top the charts of American App store’s Top Grossing and Free. The new launch of Pokemon Go APK has maintained its rage.


The game enables the players to catch, engage in battle and train the unreal Pokemon.  Unlike the aired Pokemon series, Pokemon Go does not incorporates the battling with wild Pokemon to catch them. Rather, the players are provided with a different capturing system whereby throwing the Pokeball at the appropriate time with right strength will entrap a Pokemon.

Features of the Pokemon Go APK

  • The latest release of Pokemon Go APK download on 8th August has created lot of enthusiasm amongst the fans of this game.  This version is named as Go 0.39.0 APK update. This has quenched the thirst for pokemon freaks who were yearning for an updated version to improve the gaming experience. This can be downloaded in the form of Pokemon Go 39.0 APK for Android devices and as Pokemon Go 1.9.0 APK for iOS devices.
  • The Pokemon Go APK has fixed the bug that thwarted Great, Nice and Excellent Poke ball throw that fetched XP bonuses.


  • Battery issue which was a big problem for the Pokémon gamers has been fixed for the Android users as well as for the iOS users. The trainers of the game can easily change the nicknames which was not possible earlier.
  • The updated version has new feature of a separate dialogue that is like a reminder for the trainers that they cannot play the game after a particular speed while travelling.

Fifa 17 Has Never Been This Fun

Fifa has always been in high demand in the gaming world and when EA sports introduced the game on Android and iOS platforms, it saw millions of downloads in no time at all. While this game is free to download and play, it comes with a few limitations that you can overcome only by making purchases. However, if you’re not keen on spending money at the app store, you can also get unlimited free fifa 17 coins with the use of the fifa hack.


This is one of the most reliable hacks for fifa that is trusted by a number of fifa fans all over the world. The best part about this hack is that unlike most hacks, this is an online hack which does not need any kind of software for it to work. All you need to do is visit the website and your coins will be generated in no time. You can use this hack as often as you like and move ahead it the game without anything holding you back. This hack has been tested on a number of devices across all platforms and it has proved to work efficiently every time.

Fifa encourages players from all over the world to deliver their best performance and build a dream team. Building this team needs a lot of effort and requires players to bring together the best talent from across the world. However bringing the best talent together is not as easy as it seems. Employing the best players to play for your team will require you to compete with other teams for the player signature. Competing for this signature will require patience and access to unlimited fifa coins. Since the other player wanting to sign the best players will not have unlimited coins, you will have the upper hand if you take advantage of this online fifa 17 hack and get your share of unlimited fifa coins.


Having access to unlimited coins will give you the ability to employ the best players and also unlock various aspects of the game as well. With unlimited coins you can unlock many stadiums and legendary players and coaches. You can also employ these coaches for your team and make your team better than any other team. With unlimited coins there is no limit with regards to how much you can spend on a player and you will not have to stress about how many coins are left as well.


Pokemon Go mania has rapidly engulfed  the whole Unites states of America , as people equipped with their smart phones roam about the streets , rivers , parks , offices , and many public places , even the residential ones so as to take hold of the pokemons and their supplies . This game is rooted on a Nintendo title which debuted 2 0 years ago.pokemon-z

Till now , Pokemon Go has been downloaded thousands of million times . GPS and the mapping capabilities f the mobile phones are took to use to allow players explore the real world to fine ‘ POKE STOPS ’  stocked with supplies and hunt cartoon character or rather popularly called under one universal name – POKEMONS . The cartoon program , having been originated in the twentieth century , became a huge hit among the children of that age . Even the teenagers today enjoy watching that , since they have lived in that age once . Collecting Pokemon cards and making a whole set of pokemons  , and most importantly becoming the Pokemon Master is more than just being a fantasy for many . Those fantasies are being transformed into reality through this game – POKEMON GO . Who would not remember PICKACHU or BULBASAUR or CHARMANDER ? pok-mon-go cc

Pika – pika – pickachu was once a line which was set on the mouth of every little kid. The cartoon aired on the Cartoon Network channel at 5:00 in the evening . Woah ! I still remember the timing of it. I never missed a single episode of it .  And this was not my story alone . Every kid of nineties was crazy about it. Most of the things I possessed , be it pencil or my school bag or the water bottle had Pickachu featured on it.

This is what led to the making and launching of the game – POKEMON GO worldwide .  The Pokemon fever is back with a bang . Having been originated in Japan ,  now it rules the whole world . In this game , one explore the place where one lives and also the globe on the whole . When you reach near a pokemon , your smart phone vibrates to indicate you the presence of a pokemon . When you reach that exact point , point your smart phone screen to that point and aim . Then throw a poke ball at it to catch it . Be careful while catching the, . They may run away also . They being quicker than you . Also , pay complete attention to your surroundings as well . Many public places , monuments and offices would have Pokestops waiting for you .The basic purpose of pokestops is to provide one with poke balls and other necessary items . You also have a hold on the way you want your friends to see you . You can customize your looks , by adding accessories and apparels . This will be visible as you move around the map and also on your profile page . Your friends will be able to see this look of yours when they reach a gym which you control .

You will be having a Pokedex where all your collected pokemons will be stored . Each one will start as a trainer . On reaching higher levels , one will be able to catch more  powerful pokemons . Also if you catch a particular species of pokemon enough number of times , you will be ble to evolve one of them . Poke stops can also dispense pokemon eggs , which players would incubate by racking up walking distance . Players can also visit gyms , where captured pokemons can be conditioned as combatants to seize such training facilities. A pokemon go guide is also available for people to get aid during the game . A tsunami of interest not only in the game but also in the concept  has bogged down servers hosting the software , delaying plans to launch it in more countrie . Pokemon Go has been launched in the  US , Australia and New Zealand . Few  Pokemons have a particular place of appearance < such as , water pokemons will be found near rivers , lakes ; grassy pokemons and bugs will be found in parks and grassy areas . Battles are also a part of this exciting game . Challenging your friend’s gym , defending yours , fighting battles , training your pokemons, everything is an indispensible part of POKEMON GO . This is what has made it so popular amongst people all over the world . This game has provided a platform to users all over the world to have fun , socialize, and get more fit as they play and explore .

Games Available On Friv 2

Online gaming has got a lot of perks, with it being a way to help learn learning skills for children, and concentration for adults. There are loads of websites that cater to free online games. Friv 2 is a website where you are able to play all the games you want. There are different types of categories you will be able to choose from when playing in Friv 2. So whether you want to alleviate the stress from work or just want to kill the boredom, you’ll be able to do so with the online games presented by Friv 2.

What Games Are Available In Friv 2?

When going to Friv 2, you will be surprised to see dozens of available games to play. You wouldn’t even know where to start! Here are some of the categories to get you started:


  1. Action games – You’ll be able to save the princess or achieve the mysteries as you shoot or fight your way through the game.
  2. Sports – You’ll be able to play tennis or surf around the waves online! You can even skate! Jumping, kung fu, the sky’s the limit!
  3. Quiz – If you’re one who loves taking tests and quizzes revealing your personality, then these are for you. You’ll be able to let time pass as you answer hilarious questions and get astounding results.
  4. Guessing game – Hone your logic skills with guessing games. The strategy based game will have your focus and concentration improving in no time. You also have number games that stretch your mind, so it’s perfect for a break during school or work.
  5. Casino – Wanting to bet or play the wager without spending money? With casino games such as poker or blackjack, you’ll be able to do just that.

And those are just a few of the categories available to play! There are dozens more, as well as hundreds of games under the categories. So whether you want to play action games or simulation, you’ve got it all right here in Friv 2! Simply scroll through the categories and find what you’re in the mood for today.



Friv 2 has everything you need when it comes to online gaming. You won’t need to search for other websites that might not have your favorite game or category anymore, because just by visiting Friv, you are able to easily navigate through the categories and see the types of games you are interested in. So what are you waiting for? Instead of looking through countless of websites and looking for the best online games, you can have it all from Friv 2. Simply visit their official website and choose the game you want. You’ll be able to play immediately! All you need is a stable Internet connection and mobile device or PC, and you’re good to go.

ShowBox- The portable Entertainment Box


Have you been thinking of watching the latest superhero movie but can’t seem to access it for free? Are you new to the GoT fan club but too late to keep up with the new season? Go find access to thousands of movies and popular TV shows for free at the ShowBox App. It is an Android app that streams movies and TV shows for free. It allows users to watch movies in high definition (HD). It has been regarded as one of the best free Android apps.


Downloading the App:

You can download the app on your phones by

  • Clicking on Settings and then, on Security.
  • You need to turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ to allow you to install non market apps.
  • Next open the link and download the ShowBox.
  • Install the application after it is downloaded.

New Features:

Showbox app has been updated with new features to make it more appealing and efficient for the user base.

  • The App has been modified such that no advertisements are streamed, so it doesn’t interfere with the buffering of the movie or show that you’re watching.
  • The streaming has been upgraded to high definition (HD) for a more engaging watch.
  • The latest movies and shows have been included and are being updated to keep up with the rest of the world.
  • There is also a new provision of listening to music without streaming the videos. So now, catch up on the latest songs and albums at the Showbox while you search for what you want to watch.
  • A new Showbox App icon has been stylized to appeal to the young user base.

Show Box ChromeCast

You can search for movies according to the genres you like. You can either ‘Watch Now’ or ‘Download’the ones you want. You can also add them to the library to keep track or watch it later. With its constant modification and upgradation, ShowBox App is turning out to be the no. 1 online movie/TV show watching app.