Christie Brinkley’s Recapture 360 Day Cream to Support the Skin Texture

Anti-aging creams are some of the most sought after creams that women are interested in. As one grows older, the skin shows signs of aging. Women are hence anxious to repair their skin and get back their old luster and beauty. Christie Brinkley has come to the rescue of such women and men by launching her product into the market. The Recapture 360 or the Authentic Skincare focuses on anti-aging. This product is said to work with the natural rejuvenation that the skin processes to make a person look younger. The Anti-Aging Day cream is to repair and renew the skin from wrinkles with SPF 30. Christie Binkley Recapture Day + IR Defense Cream has acquired the seal of recommendation for its ingredients from the “The Skin Cancer Foundation”. tampa-style-christie-brinkley-skin-care-and-over-50_ver02-365x365

The Recapture Day Cream

Christie Brinkley Recapture Day + IR Defense Cream targets elder women who have wrinkles acquired through age and the younger generation who fear that they would get wrinkles soon. The cream is said to decrease multiple aging signs, decreases wrinkles and gives a smooth, firm skin. It also decreases dark spots from occuring. The SPF 30 gives protection against the sun and also smoothens lines and makes the skin firmer to recapture the former beauty of your youth. Its three way technology helps to revive, improve and protect the skin form wrinkles and dark spots. It also helps to rejuvenate the skin to give a fresher look. This gives protection from skin damage that may be cause by UVB and UVA exposure. Environmental stress, oxidation and infrared oxidation are other causes of aging that the Recapture Day Cream can give protection from. The cream depends on Neodermyl, Elix-IR and Sytenol A to help the skin fight t wrinkles. Neoermyl helps to increase collagen and elastin that the skin produces naturally. Sytenol A helps to improve skin firmness and elasticity. Plant extracts included in the cream act as natural moisturizers to the skin while amino acids and copper add to the texture of the skin.maxresdefault

Online Purchase with Ease

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