E-juice: Good Or Bad?

E-juice is also known as e-liquid which is used in electronic cigarette or vapors. It produces vapor like smoke called aerosol which is the result of the composition of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine as the main content. Other contents are alcohol, water to dilute the liquid, flavorings, carcinogens, heavy metals and nicotine.

Propylene glycol is a clear, thinner and colorless liquid which is the main flavoring in food products and fog machines. It causes less “dry puffs”. Vegetable glycerine is the natural and thicker organic liquid made from vegetable oil used in food products and toothpaste. It produces thicker vapor clouds. The person inhales this vapor.


When the e-juice is ignited inside the electronic cigarette, it reaches the temperature of roughly 100-250 degree Celsius. So what about the health risks? They are little safer than the tobacco cigarettes, but yes all types of cigarettes are dangerous for health. Studies have shown that it has helped many people to quit smoking. What you get is relatively less risk and relatively cheap e juice. This results in improvement of lung function among chain smokers

It also contains “diacetyl” which is a safe substance as long as it is consumed in a small amount. But when inhaled in large quantity, it can cause irreversible lung damage.

But e-juice cannot be considered as extremely harmless. It still causes some of the side effects listed below.

Side effects of e-juice


  • Throat and mouth irritation
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Coughing
  • Fires due to vaporizer malfunction
  • Contamination with other chemicals
  • Vapor exhaled by e-cigarette can affect the bystanders
  • E-juice inhaled by parent can affect their kids

Vendors for e-juice include VaporFI, Halo Cigs, Black Note, Virgin Vapor, Dekang, etc.

So, if you are in the mood of using the cheap e-juice, have a clear look at all positive and negative effects.

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