Enjoy The Best Car Rental Service!

Car rental services have become extremely popular nowadays. It offers you with the comfort of getting away from the wheels during your vacation days, and also acts as a backup during those days when you car starts malfunctioning or have gone for their regular servicing. And then there are always some of us who don’t own cars.

Need to make a road trip with your family, yet not really feeling like driving all those miles? Has your car broken down in light of the picnic that your children have been so looking forward to? Need to book a car for your near and dear ones, and not worry about their safety? Look no more, for you have come to the right place.


locationrakotobe-mada.com provides you with cars and travellers of any sizes. Be it your family you want to have the trip with, or your entire neighbourhood (small neighbourhood, mind you for we don’t deal in trains), we make sure that none of you stay separated during the journey. For a wise man once said that it is the journey that matters in the end, not the destination.

Rakotobelocation-mada provides you with the best car rental service that you can get anywhere. Our entire fleet comprises of new cars and buses, having all the comfort and gadgets that you may need for that perfect road trip. All the vehicles are well-maintained and serviced regularly by experts. So, there is very little chance that they will break down in the middle of the road and ruin your trip.


The vehicles come with their own chauffeurs who are well-trained in their jobs, and have been in the profession for years. All of them have their backgrounds checked, so we can vouch for the safety of your near and dear ones should you hand their responsibilities on our hands. Our service is not too heavy on your pockets, and you get world-class treatment.

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