Entertainment Online And Offline With Movietube 4.4


Plenty of options are available online if you are looking to catch up on that movie you missed in the theatre or if you are just looking for some entertainment whilst you are killing time at a boring chore. Whatever the reason may be, watching movies online has just become easier with apps such as the MovieTube 4.4.

MovieTube is just one of the many apps out there that allows you to stream and download movies. However, it is one of the few ones which have received rave reviews by many users. Although some have questioned the piracy issues and morality of the software, the reviews pertaining to the quality, usability and overall experience with the app have been mostly positive.


MovieTube has managed to swiftly rise to the top of charts to become one of the top sources for watching movies on the internet. This is mostly because of the easy to use interface and the fact that the app works well. It also claims to have over 10,000 movies which include a wide variety of genres and new films. The database is widely accepted to be ginormous as the movies offered may even date back to the 1970’s and 1980’s. Blockbuster hits can also be found easily and all the movies can be played in HD. This is usually the problem with any other sites and apps. If the movie is a blockbuster, it may not be available or the quality is compromised with. However, the app in question offers a selection of the best movies that can be streamed at 720p or even at 1080p. It is basically a full-length movie browser.

Other elements of the app are the playlist function that lets the user easily navigate and save the movies that he/she might want to watch. Seeing the growing popularity of the app is not surprising. The app has also been developed further and the newest version is the MovieTube 4.4. The new version has updated icons to give the app a fresh new look. It also features a start-up screen that shows the latest and upcoming films to be released.


The newest version has been developed from the Android platform and works best with the latest version of Android or the Android V2. To download the app, one needs an Android device such as a mobile phone or tablet that supports the app. Next, the MovieTube APK has to be downloaded. Keep in mind to change the security settings as to allow the app to be downloaded. Assuming that the permission has been granted, there shouldn’t be any trouble for the app to get downloaded.

On downloading, a prompt box may appear asking for your acceptance of the terms for using the app. Once you agree to the terms, the app will get installed and will automatically launch, offering you a whole new world of watching movies on the go. This is because unlike many of the movie apps that require constant internet connection and only offer live streaming, MovieTube 4.4 allows for offline viewing too. This also goes easy on your mobile data, where WiFi might not be available.

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