Funeral Services In Singapore

Each country has its own legal formalities and set up of post funeral services and formalities. Especially the first world countries or the highly developed countries like Singapore impose certain laws on the people regarding the post funeral formalities like registration of death, and obtaining of certificate within 24 hours of death before carrying the post funeral rites and cremating the body. So it is obligatory on the part of the a citizen to abide by the rules set by the government and completely abide by the rules. So an ordinary person should always go for completing the legal formalities before cremating the body.


Now the post funeral services in Singapore are handled mostly by the companies operating there. These companies excel in providing the post funeral services such as getting the legal formalities done before, and completing all sorts of legal norms on behalf of the customer. With these companies work the funeral specialists who are acquainted with all the funeral rites and rituals of all the religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity etc. also in the market are available the freelancers which charge relatively less as compared to the established firms but who knows they might end up conning the people off the charges because in the past also this has happened that a small companies have ended up incurring heavy charges to the hirer whereas in the general agreement there was no hidden charges as explained to them later. These companies come up with hidden charges which are not detailed or explained in the contract which is a sort of betrayal to a client.

One of the famous companies operating in Singapore is the bereavement service which is a very famous and renowned company for carrying out all the post funeral services. It has its own website using which one can ascertain the details regarding their services and their charges. There general charge rate of cremation of body on the day of death itself is $1000 whereas their 3 day charge of services along with the customs and rituals is $4000. Besides this there are no hidden charges whatsoever and the company has other charge.

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Whereas the cost of urn, wreaths and caskets are exceptional ones and it would prove an extra cost to a user. It would incur an extra cost to the hirer. The company`s helpline number if +65067504567 and it functional 24 hours.  To enquire about the services one can call at any time and avail the services of the company. The company also renders the funeral catering services, the funeral pre planning services and the condolences services.  It specializes in performing funeral services of all religions ranging from soka religion to Buddhism. It has experts working with them to assist in all the post funeral services performed and have an exceptionally good background. It has an experience of more than 20 years as undertakers and are listed amidst the well reputed companies in Singapore. It lists all its charges in the contract and there aren’t any hidden charges whatsoever.

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