Gatlinburg Wedding Packages of Your Choice

If you’re planning a wedding for yourself or for a friend, you can save tons of money when you look for available gatlinburg wedding packages. Weddings, especially the grand ones, are not cheap and couple typically don’t spend money just on the wedding; money also needs to be allocated for the preparation of the wedding, the honeymoon and many other obligations of the couple. If the preferred area is somewhere in Tennessee then you might want to search for Gatlin wedding packages that best meets the requirements. 2fd79394f3c35ad092cdf36ad6f098ce

Chapel at the Park

Found at the Smoky Mountains, this wedding service gives a whole new meaning to enchanting. Their White Wood Chapel is surrounded by trees, exceptional rose gardens and lush landscapes that you only have dreamed of before; they are the perfect backdrop for your perfect wedding. The number of people that you can bring and the accommodations depend on the wedding package that you chose. And here are just some that you can avail:11f6a9cad37168a74a9802666c3ed0fa

  • Fairy Tale – two whole hours for the ceremony this will be administered by their ordained minister. The venue can accommodate up to 70 guests alongside the wedding party. The flowers can come in fresh or silk for the couple.
  • Ultimate Wedding – an indoor wedding which can hold up to 60 guests alongside the wedding party; you’ll be able to book the area for two hours. It also features fresh or silk flowers for the couple and 2 attendants, there is also two night honeymoon lodging got the couple.
  • Diamond Love – you can choose from an outdoor or indoor set up, they also offer two 6” cakes in the shape of a heart. The lodging consists of 4 nights in their studio cabin which includes a well equipped kitchen, fireplace and Jacuzzi.

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