How to Regrow hair naturally for men

God has created each human being in a best way he could. Hair is the most important gift of god to each person, whether it’s women or men. Due to various reasons men suffer from hair loss and baldness, which takes away their confidence and make them suffer a lot. It’s very difficult to find a desirable life partner. It affects their self-esteem so much that they prefer to stay indoors, they cut off themselves from the world and it can be very disconcerting; men need to find out the right cause of hair loss which occurs at some point in their life. They tend to lose hair or get completely bald. To avoid the hair loss there are wonderful natural remedies which promote in improving and helping in how to regrow hair naturally for men. hair-fall

Every one sheds hair on a daily basis, but it should not be excessive hair loss. Men should keep drinking plenty of water in order to produce keratin which helps in regrowth of hair naturally in men.

Healthy food habits.

One way to regrow hair naturally in men is the right intake of balance and nutrients, fats, Carbohydrates and protein to allow the natural regrowth of hair. According to staci nix in her book “Williams” nutrition and diet therapy, she recommends some important food.

One must include nuts, dairy products, fish, and soy products. Vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains should be taken in order to regrow hair naturally for men. This method is considered best for preventing hair loss and how to regrow hair naturally for men

Head massage therapy.4-homemade-tips-to-stop-hair-fall1

Make it a daily routine to massage your scalp, each time you take shower. Heat coconut oil or almond oil and with your fingertips gently massage your scalp in a circular motion to generate blood supply to all the areas properly where you want to Re grow it. Massage for ten minutes to see improvement. Massage promotes good circulation around the hair follicles which is very good for hair growth. You can also get it done by a professional, in order to learn the basic way to massage your scalp. You can also use jojoba oil since it’s a very natural and a good moisturizer. It keeps your hair healthy and it is a great lubricator. One can try out these remedies while opting for how to regrow hair naturally for men. You can also add essential oils in your shampoos or masks which will boost your hair growth like for example Rosemary oil, lavender, tea tree oil, argon oil, cedar wood to name a few available in nearby stores or medical shop( Another factor, which plays an important role, on how to Re grow hair naturally in men)

Medical Problems.

Sometime even after trying various treatments, we are unable to get results. Than it can be a medical related problem we need to consult a doctor. Regrowth will not happen until you rectify the problem. It can be thyroid problem, hormonal imbalance, or alopecia. It’s better to get the problems treated before it is too late.

Balayam Technique.

This method is an effective alternative method being practiced for many decades. It is a very simple method if you want to re grow your hair naturally for men we can try using the technique by rubbing two identical fingers of both hands with force for about 20 minutes. You can divide the 20 minute session into 10 minute session during the day to get the best results. Yoga experts believe rubbing finger nails together increases blood circulation in hair follicles which prevents hair fall.  But one has to be patient to see the positive results as it all depends on an individual body type, one get in few months for others it might be little longer.

Finally, to avoid hair fall one must eat food rich in iron, B vitamins, vitamin B7 known as biotin which may help in re growth of your hair in a healthy and natural way. Men should find time to relax with their family, friends and practice yoga, walking, gardening or meditation, or else seek advice of a doctor. These are the best suitable remedies on how to regrow hair naturally for men.

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