Inversion Table Reviews

What better way to know if you’ll like an item or not than through product reviews? The product reviews written and posted by numerous people from all over the world can give you an idea of what to expect from a certain item. The same goes for inversion table reviews, there’s almost a hundred percent chance that you’ll stay away from the brands and models that have below satisfactory reviews; unless of course if you’re kind of adventurous and want to prove them wrong. We’re here to provide you with a couple of inversion chairs that stood out in reviews and ratings.Health-Max-Pro-back-inversion

Teeter Hang Ups

When it comes to quality inversion tables, Teeter Hang Ups is the leading manufacturing company. Teeter Hang Ups has been in the industry for over 30 years, on Amazon they have the highest rated Inversion Tables. There’s actually quite a large range to choose from but each and every one features quality and durability; with the price range that they offer, you can easily find the perfect inversion table for your budget. Not only that but they’re the sole company to have been tried and certified by a certain product safety organization. 41qL7Kb4zKL

Ironman Gravity Tables

We would go far as recommend almost all the inversion tables manufactured by Ironman Gravity Tables but their best would be the Ironman IFT 4000 infrared inversion table. What makes this specific model stand out is the infrared heat feature; what it does is loosen and relax the muscles while decompressing the spine.

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table

According to Amazon, this is their highest rated inversion table, the Health Mark Pro Max is a inversion table on a professional level. It can support a whopping 600 lbs, that says a lot about how incredibly durable and safe it is; the face-up and face-down position can be used with ease.

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