Know More About Spying A Cell Phone

Due to different distractions that teenagers are exposed to, most of the parents are concerned and highly worried about the activities of their beloved children. But, teenagers usually find this quite inhibiting because they tend to be secretive about all their activities and whereabouts. Smart phones are usually bought by the parents for their children. As such, parents have the golden opportunity to install a espionner telephone application prior to giving the cell phone to their children. This tiny application will help the parents to detect the whereabouts and activities of the children without their constraint. Depending upon the capability of the spy software application, parents can now monitor the activities of their children; do call tracking, GPS location tracking, SMS tracking and even access the phone books of their child without their knowledge.

The Features of Spy Phone Application


There are different types of applications available and they include different features. However, the most commonly used phone spy application comes with basic features including SMS tracking, call tracking, GPS location tracking and more. There are also other advanced versions of spy software available that that can help you to monitor other activities like:

  • Access to phone books
  • Listening to the conversations carried out with the mobile
  • Reading the text messages
  • Dialed numbers
  • Incoming call information with numbers
  • Call duration’s

Is it is Legal to Use Phone Spy Applications?


Until your child is teenager it is considered legal to use Spy Phone application for the safety and security of the child. However, in case of marital incidentally and other behavior it is necessary to use the Phone Spy application in accordance with applicable laws or else it may lead to court cases. You need to ensure that the evidences recovered from the software logs are used for court proceedings, but not for your personal satisfaction.

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