Marijuana and its Usage in the United States

Marijuana, commonly referred as Cannabis is derived from the Cannabis plant finds its usage as medicine or psychoactive drug. Federal Law of United States strongly restricts the use of Marijuana in any form including recreational as well as medical. It is illegal to hold possession or engage in the sale of Marijuana in any form. Federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970 recognizes cannabis as a Schedule I drug with no significant medical usage. There are many reasons for preventing the legal usage of marijuana in American society including substance abuse. However, some states have exempted federal law and allow usage of marijuana in various forms, including medical, industrial and recreational usage.


It is illegal to grow marijuana without permission under the Controlled Substances Act for industrial uses as there is a high risk of being used as a drug. Marijuana can be grown for the purpose of research by universities and state departments of agriculture under the Agriculture Act of 2014.

File - In this Dec. 5, 2013 file photo, marijuana matures at the Medicine Man dispensary and grow operation in northeast Denver. Colorado voters still support the state law that legalized recreational marijuana, but most believe it is hurting the image of the state, according to a new poll released Monday, Feb. 10, 2014. The Quinnipiac University Poll found that 51 percent of voters overall believe the measure is bad for the state's reputation, while 38 percent see it as a net positive. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski, file)

There is a large number of US citizens that favor legalization of marijuana for both medical as well as recreational usage. If you are trying to guess the answer for how many states legalized marijuana, the answer is four. There are many other states that have legalized the usage of marijuana for medical usage, but when it comes to recreational usage, the number is restricted to just four states including Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska. It is important to note that the there is still some restriction on the amount of marijuana that an individual can carry or possess without attracting any legal actions. All the states that have legalized the usage of marijuana in some or the other forms have defined a minimum age for an individual to be exempted for possession or usage of marijuana. Washington DC only allows marijuana to be used strictly at the personal level.

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