Painting Services In Singapore


Painting services in Singapore are offered nowadays by many of the famous Painting contractors there. It has become very reliable to simply hire a contractor and they will certainly help in deciding which type of colours, patterns you can use for your homes and simply are capable of converting your homes into very admirable show-piece. In case any enquiries related to it, you can simply visit this link and have your desire and demands of painting your houses according to your willingness fulfilled. Moreover painting your home may also increase the value of your home and as well increase its existence in your locality.

They have categorised their services and the buildings into four major categories and thus accordingly they charge for it. I will try to convey maximum information to you below so that you are able to decide whether these contractors will be suitable for you or not.

  • HDB Painting services

HDB stands for Housing and Development Board, which has covered 90{6b1f5c4c806907beb6b7891d473717c10bde03290b1719aefc928dd7dac23af1} of the township of Singapore for the local people to reside in their apartments and flats. Painting services Singapore have decide a specific charges for the flats that are categorised under HDB and they have decided the cost of painting depending on the type of flat or apartments. Below is the snap of an tower which comes under HDB.


Thus rates are charged accordingly whether the flat is single or BTO.

HDB Four Room Flat

Price Approx. – $700-$900

HDB Five Room Flat

Price Approx. – $900-$1200

HDB Executive Apartment(Single Floor)

Price Approx. – $1000-$1350

HDB Executive Apartment(Double Floor)

Price Approx. – $1350-$1550


  • Condominium Painting Services-

Painting services Singapore is also offering special painting patterns for the condos. They have very well equipped facilities and well experienced professionals to perform the work as desired by you and they are very to complete the work in the estimated time by their team. Sample photo of the condos painted by them is attached below.


Charge rates are given for the condos and painting has become very affordable thus as these prices are comparatively almost half the price offered to us in the market.

Below 1000 square feet


Approx. – $800-$1000

1200-1500 square feet


Approx. – $1000-$1300

1500-1800 square feet


Approx. – $1200-$1500

>1800 square feet


Approx. – $1500 and above

  • Commercial Painting services Singapore

The team meant for painting are extremely professional and well trained to perform their job without any negative review in the buildings. The team recognises their privilege of being in your property and thus treat your property with full care and responsibility. Moreover, the maximum team members have years of experience and thus make them distinguished from others observing their work. The team helps you to decide the pattern and as colours of paint and follow their whole procedure of painting systematically and thus guarantee you having an experience else no one can offer you.

  • Exterior Painting Services Singapore

The team also offers the full exterior painting of your whole property or apartment or tower. The exterior painting is almost required and as this property is the biggest investment by you and maintain it any cost and painting it properly surely increase its life and repainting should be performed seasonally. The team has well trained workers who paint according to the season and have full knowledge of the consistency of the paint to be used according to the season. The exterior the painting in a systematic process and steps are followed. First and foremost step is the cleaning of the area to be painted, then Surface is prepared and loose paint is washed away, then comes Paint, the surface is properly painted as desired colour by you, then again cleaning is performed and at last full inspection is done by the experts and then finally you are allowed to inspect and give feedback accordingly.

These services has become quite handy for the people and has become famous. Moreover, User reviews and feedback’s have been great till date and the team is very expertise in completing their maintaining full discipline as well tidiness. Rest all you can have this life time experience at least once, you will surely not regret and what else is required if the experts themselves in Singapore are the members of the services so you may get assured that you will get full satisfaction from their work.

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