Pokemon Go Apk

The release of the Niantic Labs’ Pokemon Go in USA had swept away everybody with excitement. After lashing the US, Australian and New Zealand’s markets with its popularity, Pokemon Go has driven the Asians crazy. The game was the quickest game to be at the top in Google Play and App Store and had beaten Clash Royale much behind. After Pokemon Go was released it was reported to top the charts of American App store’s Top Grossing and Free. The new launch of Pokemon Go APK has maintained its rage.


The game enables the players to catch, engage in battle and train the unreal Pokemon.  Unlike the aired Pokemon series, Pokemon Go does not incorporates the battling with wild Pokemon to catch them. Rather, the players are provided with a different capturing system whereby throwing the Pokeball at the appropriate time with right strength will entrap a Pokemon.

Features of the Pokemon Go APK

  • The latest release of Pokemon Go APK download on 8th August has created lot of enthusiasm amongst the fans of this game.  This version is named as Go 0.39.0 APK update. This has quenched the thirst for pokemon freaks who were yearning for an updated version to improve the gaming experience. This can be downloaded in the form of Pokemon Go 39.0 APK for Android devices and as Pokemon Go 1.9.0 APK for iOS devices.
  • The Pokemon Go APK has fixed the bug that thwarted Great, Nice and Excellent Poke ball throw that fetched XP bonuses.


  • Battery issue which was a big problem for the Pokémon gamers has been fixed for the Android users as well as for the iOS users. The trainers of the game can easily change the nicknames which was not possible earlier.
  • The updated version has new feature of a separate dialogue that is like a reminder for the trainers that they cannot play the game after a particular speed while travelling.

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