Pokemon Go mania has rapidly engulfed  the whole Unites states of America , as people equipped with their smart phones roam about the streets , rivers , parks , offices , and many public places , even the residential ones so as to take hold of the pokemons and their supplies . This game is rooted on a Nintendo title which debuted 2 0 years ago.pokemon-z

Till now , Pokemon Go has been downloaded thousands of million times . GPS and the mapping capabilities f the mobile phones are took to use to allow players explore the real world to fine ‘ POKE STOPS ’  stocked with supplies and hunt cartoon character or rather popularly called under one universal name – POKEMONS . The cartoon program , having been originated in the twentieth century , became a huge hit among the children of that age . Even the teenagers today enjoy watching that , since they have lived in that age once . Collecting Pokemon cards and making a whole set of pokemons  , and most importantly becoming the Pokemon Master is more than just being a fantasy for many . Those fantasies are being transformed into reality through this game – POKEMON GO . Who would not remember PICKACHU or BULBASAUR or CHARMANDER ? pok-mon-go cc

Pika – pika – pickachu was once a line which was set on the mouth of every little kid. The cartoon aired on the Cartoon Network channel at 5:00 in the evening . Woah ! I still remember the timing of it. I never missed a single episode of it .  And this was not my story alone . Every kid of nineties was crazy about it. Most of the things I possessed , be it pencil or my school bag or the water bottle had Pickachu featured on it.

This is what led to the making and launching of the game – POKEMON GO worldwide .  The Pokemon fever is back with a bang . Having been originated in Japan ,  now it rules the whole world . In this game , one explore the place where one lives and also the globe on the whole . When you reach near a pokemon , your smart phone vibrates to indicate you the presence of a pokemon . When you reach that exact point , point your smart phone screen to that point and aim . Then throw a poke ball at it to catch it . Be careful while catching the, . They may run away also . They being quicker than you . Also , pay complete attention to your surroundings as well . Many public places , monuments and offices would have Pokestops waiting for you .The basic purpose of pokestops is to provide one with poke balls and other necessary items . You also have a hold on the way you want your friends to see you . You can customize your looks , by adding accessories and apparels . This will be visible as you move around the map and also on your profile page . Your friends will be able to see this look of yours when they reach a gym which you control .

You will be having a Pokedex where all your collected pokemons will be stored . Each one will start as a trainer . On reaching higher levels , one will be able to catch more  powerful pokemons . Also if you catch a particular species of pokemon enough number of times , you will be ble to evolve one of them . Poke stops can also dispense pokemon eggs , which players would incubate by racking up walking distance . Players can also visit gyms , where captured pokemons can be conditioned as combatants to seize such training facilities. A pokemon go guide is also available for people to get aid during the game . A tsunami of interest not only in the game but also in the concept  has bogged down servers hosting the software , delaying plans to launch it in more countrie . Pokemon Go has been launched in the  US , Australia and New Zealand . Few  Pokemons have a particular place of appearance < such as , water pokemons will be found near rivers , lakes ; grassy pokemons and bugs will be found in parks and grassy areas . Battles are also a part of this exciting game . Challenging your friend’s gym , defending yours , fighting battles , training your pokemons, everything is an indispensible part of POKEMON GO . This is what has made it so popular amongst people all over the world . This game has provided a platform to users all over the world to have fun , socialize, and get more fit as they play and explore .

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