Seo Company Toronto’s Tips For Ranking Better In Search Engines

When your website was designed, it included keywords describing your purpose. You thought that it was all you needed to zoom to the top of search lists. In this highly competitive world of online marketing, search engines now use algorithmic technology to index online data and rank sites based on keywords, activity, relevant links and visibility. There are many ways to score high in the rankings, some less favorable than others. These are generally called black hat techniques or white hat techniques.

What makes audiences return of their own free will?


There has to be something in it for the reader. They have to get something tangible out of it. The best examples come from the video blogs that are done on the escapist magazine website. For example the “Zero Punctuation” guy reviews computer games, but does it to a very funny script with little animations. Movie Bob on the other hand gives deep and character filled information about new movies that is very interesting and fun to listen to. People tune in every week and visit them at conventions because they both give something whilst being entertaining at the same time.

What exactly is a permanent audience and how is it different from fans or loyal viewers?

Seo Company Toronto states that a permanent audience is a group of people who are going to read a blog regularly without question–even if it makes mistakes. Loyal viewers are people who do not have to visit a blog, but do so because there is something in it for them.

How do we tie an audience to a website?

To gain a permanent audience, the viewers need to be tied to a blog so that their education, wellbeing, safety or career will suffer if they do not. This is a very specific state of affairs, so please note the wording. Their education, well being, safety or career will suffer if they do not read the blog, and that it will not suffer if they do read it. Suffering is a consequence of not reading. The blog does not need to improve their circumstances in any way (that is often incidental), it just needs to be tied to them in a way that it will negatively affect them if they do not read the blog. This is why gaining a permanent audience is so difficult.


Tying an audience to a blog is very hard, and it is mostly a matter of circumstances, nevertheless here are some examples where a permanent audience is guaranteed.

Promote your newly posted article in forums, directories, and different groups.

  • Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. play major role in getting more web traffic on your blog. So never forget to promote there.
  • Inform others in your network that you have submitted so and so article to get their reviews and ideas.
  • Guest posting is best way of blog promotion. So, try to guest post on high Page Rank blogs to get quality back links + traffic + promotion.

Increasing website traffic isn’t so hard as we think it is. Was it???

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