Take The Bus To JB

Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations that people love visiting. It has a lot in store for people belonging to all age groups which is why it is one of the few places that is perfect for honeymooners, families and friends. When you plan a trip to Malaysia you usually pick KL as the city of choice to stay. This is mainly because it is one of the few cities that is well connected with the rest of the country. While picking KL to stay is not a bad idea, it’s always good to explore the rest of Malaysia too. Not far from KL is Johor Bahru which is a great city in Malaysia that has a number of tourist attractions you will love. You can take the bus from KL to JB and reach the city in about 6 hours. There are a number of buses that travel between these cities, so you can plan your holiday accordingly. s1-bus9

If you are visiting JB for the first time with your family there are some amazing places where your children would not get bored at all. One such place is the Desaru Ostrich farm. The Desaru Ostrich farm is one of the oldest and the most famous ostrich farms in Asia. It is home to over 100 ostriches that are well taken care of by the care takers of the farm. You can get close to all the ostriches and learn more about these majestic birds. You can even choose to feed the ostriches as long as you check with the care taker regarding the same. All the ostriches are fed and given medicines by the care takers. They are experts and know all there is to know about these amazing birds.p1090285

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