The Joy Of Horse Back Riding!

A skill envied by everyone alike, a feat that requires thorough training and perseverance, it is something that has become an obsolete means of transport now, owing to the era of automotive advancement! Have you guessed it already? Yes, horseback riding is a fascinating sport indeed, and today it is seen extensively in the world of races which involve betting against horses for money. While this kind of gambling is done for recreation as well as for making quick money, horseback riding was a means of transport thousands of years ago when kings and their empires dominated this world.

While it is a profession for jockeys, horseback riding and the techniques involved in it are learnt and practiced by a few others in today’s age as well. Actors portraying roles set in the medieval age are a classic example. It is also a passion for many who love to immerse themselves in thrilling adventure sports, just for that extra dose of adrenaline. However, though it looks enthralling, dabbling in horseback riding without training can lead to disastrous consequences. There have been numerous cases of people gravely injuring themselves while attempting this risky activity.


However, there are various techniques that one can adopt to minimize the chances of a mishap. With the correct gear, cautious training in the presence of an instructor and a lot of perseverance, even the hardest of tasks become achievable! The tips for effective horseback riding are rather simple in theory. One must resort to extensive research by watching DVDs and reading books. While reading books will give theoretical knowledge about how to position one’s body and so on, DVDs will actually help convert that knowledge into practical implementation.

One must also put in effort to get acquainted with the seemingly unusual equipment to be used while horse riding. Also, a horse is not just an animal in this sport, it is more of a companion and when one nurtures a warmth towards the horse, understanding it becomes much easier, which plays a huge role in how effectively one masters this sport. Knowing one’s horse, its style of running, its patience levels, its likes and dislikes are of critical importance. This is one sport where a bond with the animal goes a longer way than just technicality.


Of course there are a number of technical topics to be touched upon like hooking on, saddling, bridling, firming up and many more, but these are best taught by documentaries that discuss horseback riding in detail. Without these, no amount of passion can help a person learn, because every sport has to be conquered by developing a strong base. However, there is one website called which unravels every secret to know about this sport. Every aspiring horseback rider must definitely give this website a try.

Horseback riding is no easy feat. However, once conquered, it sets you apart because not many get to experience that kind of thrill and joy. Though it may not be used in our daily lives anymore, it certainly gives an unmatched sense of happiness when attempted for leisure. So the question to be asked is, have you learnt it yet? If not, go ahead and treat yourself to that thrill. After all, who doesn’t like a splash of adventure in an otherwise monotonous lives?

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