The Symbolism of the Lion Dance

When talking of the lion dance, it is extremely important to see it not just as a form of dancing, but as an artistic display of strength and beauty, as it advocates the balance that one can do in one’s mind and body. The lion dance is truly a remarkable piece of ancient Chinese culture because despite it being a literally dance, it still incorporates self defense into its self. Thus, the lion dance promotes the improvement of one’s health, and increases one’s knowledge in self defense.

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What it Conveys to Us

In addition, the lion dance also teaches everyone that there comes a rainbow after the storm. This is because even though you receive a lot of challenges in life, you can still take it on with elegance and grace, just like what happens during the actual lion dance. It is also important to note that martial arts play a vital role in the lion dance. This is because in the past, only martial artists were given the right to perform the lion dance. One can also see that the movements of the lion dance are very similar to the movements of a martial artist when executing one’s self defense routine.47f4f11942e98da96d377f96a248c3e0-1200x480


In conclusion, the lion dance is the epitome of Chinese culture. It shows that dancing is not just a form of entertainment, but it also is a way of life. The ancient Chinese people created the lion dance to show to the world that we can go through all of  the  challenges in life, as long as we see to it that we maintain the self discipline, strength, and resilience against all of the odds that face us. Indeed, the lion dance is a wonderful piece of life teacher.

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