The Turkish Drier

Who does not want a good towel? A good towel not only helps us dry our bodies but also gives us pleasure and comfort when doing so. Of particular interest is the Turkish towel, also known as peshtemal, hammam or fouta towels. The most commonly used name is peshtamal. Turkish towels are a unique product of Turkey. Traditionally Turkish towels were used at the Turkish baths(hammans) in Anatolia.


They can be used in a wide range of places including but not limited to beach, gym, yoga. Due to the prevalence of Turkish towels around the world people often refer to the Peshtemal as a beach or a travel towel. Turkey is known for producing some of the highest quality cotton products in the world. Turkish towels are made using premium natural Turkish cotton that is farmed in Turkey’s eastern Black Sea and Aegean regions.

The cotton fibers are extra long which means that there are less joins thereby making the towels durable and softer than most cotton towels. Turkish towels are known to dry out in a short span of time. Thus they can also be thought of as cost effective in the sense that a single towel can be used by multiple family members in quick succession. They come in many colors and designs and can add some zing to your otherwise neutral bathroom.


There are many advantages of using a pestemal. They can be easily washed owing to their light weight. They dry quickly and get better and softer with each wash. They are thinner and smaller than the typical bath towel and hence can be easily stored. Other than pure Turkish cotton peshtemals, linen and bamboo can also be blended to impart additional goodness. Looking at the reviews of pehtemals one can guarantee that investing in a pestemal is worth it. So, what are you waiting for?

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