Things to Do

#1. Horse riding

Horse riding

Learn to ride the horse. Learn to understand how to increase speed and reduce speed. You will go to the mountainous region with the horse. Break the boredom of automobile and go naturally. All the horses are well maintained to ensure that you enjoy your journey.

#2. Quadra bikes


You can test the four wheel bike. They go to the muddy areas where you think it is dirty. They will pass through the muddy roads without you getting dirty thus making you to feel the luxury behind that. This is the best thing about the Quadra bikes.

#3. Trekking


You love walking in the thick green rain forest, well this is the best place where you can do that. It has the most maintained trails that you can go up to any time of the day without getting bored. This place is safe and the tour guides are going to be there to ensure that your journey is excellent and enjoyable.

#4. Fishing and boat ride


Become aquatic for a while. The boats will take you to the waters. Don’t leave your camera behind because this is the opportunity to take photos of the horizons. All the boats are well driven to ensure that you do not get any accident in the waters. Fishing is taught to people who would like to know how to catch fish when they go back to their homeland. This is the best thing about journey’s to this land.