Water fun

Children love throwing water balloons at each other and getting drenched in water. Water balloons are made up of latex which can hold water and burst out it thrown with a little pressure. Water balloons are used for having water fun, balloon fights and for practical jokes and pranks. 18-05-15-08-17-40-s

A brief History:

Michael Faraday invented the rubber balloons in 1824 with various gases and liquids. However, the first ever commercially successful water balloons emerged out of a failed experiment. Edgard Ellington, in 1950, was experimenting on creating waterproof socks as a solution for trench feet. A regular cotton sock was coated with several layers of latex to make it waterproof. However, the elasticity of the latex made it difficult to wear the sock. Considering the problem, he removed several layers of latex from his sock and tried to put it on again. This time, he was successful.18-05-15-08-17-03-s

Rejoiced with his success, he filled up his sock with water to check any kind of rip offs or leakage. After filling in water, he observed a spout of water coming out of the latex. Frustrated with his failure, Edgard threw it away on his study table. He got really amazed by the effect produced and it made his really content and this whole incident lead to the idea of introducing water balloons. Initially, he launched his product as water grenades in the market to signify soldiers in the war. Later he renamed it water balloons to make it more children oriented.

Around the world:

Water balloons are used around the world for different purposes. Majorly, they are used for enjoyment and getting indulged in water games. Water balloons are really famous in India and several other countries for celebrating Holi. Holi is known as the festival of colors and water. Children and youth indulge themselves in throwing water balloons at each other and having balloon fights. It is also used as a pastime cooling game in summers in the US.

The Product:

The balloons available in the market come with a faucet opening from where the water can be filled inside them through taps and pipes, or water guns. Thereafter the mouth of the balloon is sealed by tying it. Thereafter when you throw the balloon at someone or somewhere, it will explode, drenching the other person in water. Water balloons serve as a main element in celebrating several festivals and processions around the world. Who thought that a failed experiment would lead to such a great invention!

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