What’s Good about Facebook Pages Manager?

There is this free app now known as the Facebook Pages Manager making it easier for page administrators to do almost everything in their iPhone which they are also able to do on their computers. This FB page manager is ultimately useful for individuals managing their multiple pages allowing them to easily check notifications as well as insights for every page even while on the go. 5f02b78ca5897b765f386fdd7f9511f1_400x400

Components of Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager has a similar look at the standard Facebook application; however, Facebook Pages Manager is centered on managing particular pages. While the individual pages can be overseen or managed by the standard Facebook application, the Facebook Page application has more amazing features, and it’s centered around making it simpler to administer your page even on the go. Individuals frequently complain that with the common Facebook application, there are various bugs and it’s hard to post content into your pages appropriately. The Facebook Pages Manager application seems to have settled those issues.FB-Pages-Manager_Screen1

With Facebook Pages Manager, users will be able to do the following:

  • Write a comment or post
  • Share photos
  • View Insights page and Admin
  • Receive notifications such as comments, likes and newest fans for every page
  • Access filter button

There are lots of good things about the Facebook Pages Manager. One of the biggest and most beneficial things is that this makes maintaining many pages ultimately simple. The admin can easily pick from the list of pages and start posting updates, photos, and comments. Facebook Pages Manager is proven to be a useful tool for it allows you to do more other things like upload and add text to uploaded photos quickly, provide more space for composing posts, allowing users to see the administrator on every page and more.

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