Where To Put Or Dispose Cremated Remains?

Unlike before, there are currently various ways where a family can either chose to keep the cremated remains of a loved one or dispose of them. Families have their own personals reasons as to why they chose this or that for their loved ones, they still know what’s best even after their loved ones took their final breaths.

Where Cremated Remains Go


Cremated remains are placed in urns and are given to the next of kin through various customs and ways, these depend on the country or religion. In the United States, it’s common for cremated remains to be placed in polyethylene plastic bags found in snap-top plastic containers. A plain container like this is then placed in velvet sacks or cardboard box. Another option for the families is to place them in urns that they can purchase. As required by the law, crematoriums are required to provide official cremation certificates; some are even required to also provide permits for dispositions of the human remains.

The urns that contain cremated remains can also be kept in specific memorial buildings called columbarium. Other options also include having the remains buried in the ground or sprinkled at various locations like mountains, fields and even the sea. Nowadays, organizations offer services for unique kinds of scattering services; these include scattering through helium balloons, shotgun shells, boat and fireworks.


A handful of companies offer their services to turn part of the cremated remains into a fancy synthetic diamond which can be used in jewelry. Someone who was a nature lover could also choose to have their remains cremated and incorporated into artificial reefs when the time comes. Regardless, the final resting place of a person will highly depend on their preferences as well as religious and cultural beliefs; these factors are of course huge aspects in anyone’s life.

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